Thursday, January 28, 2010

A little bit of patience, please!

Okay, I rarely rant while blogging. (actually I do, but when my rant over, I usually delete the thing and start again, having got it out of my system)
So, if you will allow me one teeny tiny rant...
Patience. I think this time of year we have very little of it. We got our credit card bill the other day and are expecting our heating bill any day now. And next month I have to put a 50% downpayment on our mission trip to Bolivia. Then yesterday my son gave me the estimate of what his college courses are going to cost us. And has he saved enough for it? hah!
So my husband and I are a bit edgy. With meetings and work and writing and normal household stuff, and precious little sunlight, we are grouchy. I've noticed it around the rest of my world, too. Our church business meetings, our children, that person who blocked me on Shoutlife...
We all need patience. I especially need it. I need to realize that there are different people in this world and I need to remember that my point of view is simply not going to be shared by others.
But I see it in the people running our countries. I see it when I see troubles around the world.
We need to realize that our values aren't shared and that our values aren't always the most important thing. Believing in our personal values doesn't mean that everyone else is wrong.
I think certain things are important, but does that mean everyone else's opinions don't matter?
We need to step back, walk in the other person's shoes, and tell ourselves that it's okay to disagree. Your political values are important to you, and I need to respect that. You need to be patient with that bossy teacher or distracted driver. I need to understand that your way of writing is as important as my way.
Jesus was able to talk to all people on their levels. He was able to reach out to the child, and the Pharisee. He was patient with the Samaritan woman and with His personal friends. He could have killed Paul for all he'd done, but instead, He stopped him in his tracks and talked to him.
Let's try to get through this difficult winter with His help.
Barbara Phinney


Pat Davids said...

Thanks for a wonderful reminder to take a step back and breathe. I'm not an impatient person, but catch me on a bad day and I can be. I'm going to make an effort to breathe and to roll with the punches instead.

Mystery and Mayhem said...

I honestly believe that I can maintain my values while loving others who don't share them. But yes, it's darn hard to do! But I have met so many wonderful people who love God and aren't the least like me.
A friend of mine once said, "I want to look at people the way Jesus looks at them."
Such wise words!

Melanie P said...

Taking a deep breath and counting to ten as I agree with you wholeheartedly! It is so easy to lose patience and then have to decide if we want to be that person, really! We all deal with patience-testers like driving in traffic, bad customer service, and rude people. Sure enough, if I go out without my patience, I will run into a former student, or someone from Bible study, or a dear friend in front of whom my impatience becomes a stain! Thanks for your thoughts on patience, and every blessing! :) Melanie P