Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Missing Tulip

Leann Harris here. Do you see this hole? There was a yellow tulip bulb in it before 'Jaws' dug it up and made off with my bulb. Who is Jaws? It's the squirrel that runs around my yard, digging in my planters and gnawing the bark off my trees.

Last year, we lost three major branches off our 25 year old trees. A certain squirrel had been chewing the bark off the limbs.

My husband tried a be-be gun. It is a sight to see my husband and squirrel dancing around my tree, battling out. That squirrel has an attitude. He gets on our fence and wags his tail at us.

The rest of my spring bulbs are planted in the garden. Jaws doesn't bother those bulbs. He's too lazy to do that much work.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a character for a book.

Pat Davids said...

I can so relate.
I once planted a ten foot row of tulips. Only one came up. I dug up the rest and found a gopher tunnel that lead to every spot I had put a tulip in. Needless to say, I now plant them inside a chicken wire cage. It's gohpher and squirrel proof.

Here is how you hunt squirrel. Your husband needs a wife or a dog to distract the squirrel. It will move around to keep the tree between itself and a threat. As your husband stands still and you move, you will force the squirrel into his line of fire.

Sad but true story from my poor youth when an occasional squirrel made it onto our supper table.

Camy Tang said...

ROFL! Leann you poor thing! I have a love-hate relationship with our squirrels--they're rather cute, but then they start antagonizing my dog ON PURPOSE, the stinkers!

Pat I have actually wanted to try squirrel sometime. Does it taste like chicken? :)

Sandi said...

Well I just posted comments that disappeared. This one will be shorter! I think squirrels are cute even if they can be naughty. Some actually managed to make a home in our roof until we chased them out.

Leann Harris said...

We have a trap and baited it with an apple. The apple disappeared and the trap wasn't sprung.

I went to the hardware store to see what I could use. The sales person told me I could us a plastic owl, but I had to move it around in the tree. Or I could use fox urine. (Who knew?) She showed me a bottle of the stuff. I was to put it into a little plastic container (much like a film canister) on a piece of cotton. That solution required us to move the canister around in the tree.

We did that and that miserable critter scampered up the tree waving his tail, ignoring the container.

Ausjenny said...

oh my I guess they can be a pest but they are so cute. (thats the aussie in me who was overexcited every time I saw a squirrel when I was in canada)
but the nerve of it to take a tulip bulb.
Pat never seen a gopher.