Monday, January 11, 2010

Books and Movies

Pamela Tracy here. There's an old tale about six blind men and an elephant. Each blind man, separately and without knowing what was in front of them, touched a different part of the elephant. Later, they discussed what they felt and figured out the kind of animal.
I've always like the story because of the way it dissects the human mind and how working as a group should work.
Last year a group of my friends and I went to see Julia and Julie. We all agreed we loved it. The rest of my friends, though, added the word BUT after I loved it... They all loved the Julia part and wanted the film to hurry through the Julie part. Me, I loved both. It's taking me a few months (and a couple of movies with the same friends) for their adding BUT to make sense.
For Christmas, I received the book My Life in France by Julia Child. I devoured the book. I told my husband, "Now that I've read this book..." He looked hopeful, like maybe I'd take up cooking as a hobby. "...I want to go to France," I finished.
It's taking me too long to tell you what I figured out. All my friends had read My Life in France before they saw Julia and Julie. After reading the book, I wanted to watch the DVD, and yes, I'd have fast forwarded through the Julie scenes.
Reading the book certainly makes one's approach to movie enjoyment different. Personally, I've thought every single Harry Potter movie good, and I've always read the book first. BUT... you knew that was coming... because I read These Lovely Bones, I don't think I can watch the movie. As a matter of fact, my friends and I were walking away from New Moon and discussing it (the old six blind men and elephant approach... we all thought differently about the movie) when we realized we'd all read the book and it affected how we judged the movie.
1. What movies have made you want to run out and read the book?
2. What book has made you want the movie?
3. What book has made you think a movie could never do it justice?
1. I ran out and bought the book Witness (Harrison Ford, Amish) after seeing the movie. Movie much better.
2. The Clan of Cave Bear. Book much better.
3. The Kite Runner, and I couldn't go see the movie becuase there was a scene in the book I skipped and I didn't know how'd I'd skip it in the movie.
There you have it. My strange and wondering thoughts this morning on movies. This week, if I can find time, I'm going to see Have You Heard About the Morgans. Hmmm, is there a book?


Leann Harris said...

I read Star Wars after I saw the movie. The movie was great, but reading the book gave me insight into Luke's internal struggle. Now if you know his struggle when Luke turns to the dark side in later books, it makes sense.

Pamela Tracy said...

I've never read the Star Wars. I did read Dune before seeing the movie and I was the only one of my friends (way back then!) who loved and got the movie.
Maybe I'll have to look into the Star Wars books.

Sheila Deeth said...

I didn't realize Witness was a book. Now I have to read it!

Pamela Tracy said...

It is a book, but it was written after the movie and not by the person who scripted the movie.