Monday, April 12, 2010

Taking Time to Say Thanks

Sandra Robbins here with the report of a wonderful experience I had this weekend. Some months ago I was invited by the Magnolia State Romance Writers Chapter to participate in a book signing that they were going to sponsor. As an author I'm always delighted to get a chance to meet people who love to read and sign my books for them. So last Friday I traveled to Jackson, Mississippi, for the book signing on Saturday.

This book signing, though, was different from any I'd done before. Participation was by invitation only, and authors had to have ties to Mississippi. Although I live in Tennessee, at one time my husband and I lived in Mississippi as we attended school at Mississippi State University and then lived for a time in Jackson. We've always felt a strong bond to the state and the people who live there.

Another difference about this event was that authors who participated were donating all proceeds from the sale of their books to the Mississippi Association for Adult and Community Education. As a former teacher and principal, adult literacy is a cause that I've supported for years. As an educator, I knew the staggering numbers of adults in America who can't read or have never finished high school. It was an honor to be a part of an endeavor to support the cause of literacy in Mississippi.

You may have seen the bumper sticker that says "If you can read this, thank a teacher." I'm thankful for my teachers who instilled the love of reading in me, and I thank God for them. If you haven't thanked one of your teachers or thanked one of your children's teachers lately, I hope you'll take time to do that. Nothing makes me feel better than for former students or parents to come up to me with big smiles on their faces and say, "Do you remember when..."

I guarantee you'll make a teacher's day if you take the time to say thanks.

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Amanda D said...

That was a very thoughtful Blog. It's surprising how easy it is to take for granted the many advantages those of us who can read face.At some degree I thought about how teachers help us learn,but never gave it too much speculation.Then when my two little brothers started going to school it hit me how teachers have to teach children to read step by step and it's not always an easy process.Learning from my brothers,I now know all the difficulties teachers face in teaching children the value of reading.I thank each one of my old teachers from the bottom of my heart if I never had learned how to read I wouldn't be able to read love inspired books and just the patience it required to do such a duty.