Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Swimming lessons

As a relatively new grandmother, I can't keep from sharing news of my sweet little granddaughter. I'm always anticipating the next time I get to see her because she lives much too far away. Right now it is seventeen days and counting. It is tough to have so much distance between us. Since we have a swimming pool, and her parents have a swimming pool, her mom and dad have enrolled her in a safety swimming course for toddlers. Her dad was a bit skeptical about whether, at sixteen months, she would even understand what the instructors were trying to teach her about staying afloat if she accidentally fell into the pool. But even though, she cried at her first lesson, her dad's now a believer after he saw her holding onto the bar at the side of the pool by herself.

Here is a photo of my granddaughter in our pool with her mother when they were visiting a year ago. She was already enjoying the pool.

I'm pleased that she is learning some pool safety, even at a young age. Of course, there is no substitute for adult vigilance and safety alarms when it comes to swimming pools and little kids, but it eases my mind that she would know what to do if she fell in. I still remember taking my two girls for swimming lessons when they were still babies because we had a swimming pool. I'm thankful that they learned to swim at a very early age.

When did you learn to swim?


Patty Smith Hall said...

Morning Merilee,
I learned to swim when I was six years old. My mom is afraid of the water and can't swim a lick so she enrolled all of her kids in classes. I loved it, and my sister (who has cerebral palsy) swims like a fish!

Merrillee said...

I started when I was five and took swimming lessons every summer, even though all we had was a wading pool when I was a kid. We swam in a lake when we went to visit my grandparents.

authorkathyeberly said...

I was a late bloomer in the swimming realm. I was a swimming lesson drop out at the age of 10 but learned how to swim in my mid to late 30's. I don't swim well, but I can swim.

Merrillee said...

Better late than never with learning how to swim. It's a good skill to have.

Rita Garcia said...

Hi Marilee,
Love hearing about your granddaughter! My granddaughter turned 18 last month. She is my precious gift from God.

I grew swimming in the ocean, I was not in an actual swimming pool until I was in my teens.

Blessings, RIta

Project Journal said...

Hi Merrillee,
She's ADORABLE!! Thanks for sharing with us!

I was born in March and in June that year it was warm enough to swim, so my mom took me into the pool with her

: D

Seriously! My grandparents have a pool, so it was easy access. Both my sister and I were introduced to the water very young, so we're complete fish in the summer *wink*

Merrillee said...

Aren't grandchildren fun? You grew up swimming in the ocean, and I never saw the ocean until I was in college.

Merrillee said...

Thanks, Hannah. I always thought swimming is the best way to exercise when its hot.