Thursday, April 15, 2010

A New Day--Leann Harris

These last two months in Texas have been unusually wet. And cold. I thought for a while I lived in Seattle, because all of Feb and a good part of March it was overcast and rainy. I can't remember as rainy a year as this year.

Well, that miserable time brought the most beautiful flowers this month. I grow Irises and they are tall and blooming up a storm. And the bridal wreath and primroses. And everything is green and we are no longer under drought conditions.

Now why am I giving you a weather report? God showed me that out of all that darkness and rain came such beauty and renewal. So if you are going through a dark and rainy period in your life, know that God is watering those seeds in you that will bloom into beautiful flowers.

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Mystery and Mayhem said...

Such beautiful flowers. We barely have daffodils here.