Monday, April 19, 2010

A Most Wonderful Weekend

Pamela Tracy here. I had the best weekend. Yup, the best. See, my local RWA chapter has a conference every two years. This past weekend was it: the Desert Dreams conference. This year I was co-chair of the speaker committee as well as co-chair of on-site registration. My partner was also my best friend Cathy McDavid who writes for Harlequin American. We started recruiting speakers more than a year ago. Since I'm president of the local chapter of American Christian Fiction Writers, I asked my group what inspy author they'd like to hear. They voted on Robin Lee Hatcher.

Steeple Hill was represented. Besides myself, there was also Kim Watters and Glynna Kaye.

Friday Night, I hosted the inspirational table. I met two new authors. One was Pam who is interested in writing young adult. The author is Jean who writes Native American journey novels. I knew everyone else at the table. On the agenda that night was a costume parade (Only Jean dressed up. She was Mother Earth). Then, quite a few authors, editors, or agents told funny stories. One editor told about an wannabe author who sent a big box. Everyone near this editor watched as she opened the big box. Only to find another box. Five boxes later, there was a manuscript with a Barbie tied to it.

The proposal, by the way, neither involved Barbie or was purchased.

Saturday started to a slew of workshops. Besides workshops, I met with my agent Steve Laube who was taking appointments and giving a workshop. That night, after a massive booksigning, the ACFWer's, including those who hadn't attended the conference, met with Roblin Lee Hatcher for Q and A. She was very gracious and open.

Sunday, Brad Schrieber of the Chris Vogler camp spoke.

All in all, great conference.

What I learned: Urban Fantasy a bit glutted - mostly female protagonists purchased; e-book sales still only a single percentage of all books purchased; maybe the Kindle is a wiser choice than the Ipad; historicals are getting bigger (more demand); more and more pubishers are starting to pay in four parts instead of three; the biggest hindrance to my writing is me.


Donna said...

You and Cathy did a wonderful job pulling the speakers together. I learned something from all of them.
I had a blast too... and the conference went by almost too fast!
See you Soon!

Pamela Tracy said...

Thanks Donna. We had a lot of help. And, it was great fun.

Debby Giusti said...

Sounds like it was a wonderful conference!!!

Julie Hilton Steele said...

Have always loved going to is such a great way to meet others and learn stuff you didn't even know you needed to know!

Pamela Tracy said...

Deb, it was a wonderful conference. I so wish I could go to ACFW this summer, but it's just too far away.

Pamela Tracy said...

We actually had one editor who took her appointments poolside while she was in her bathing suite.
My husband brought my son up on Sunday and we swam. Yup, picture me with a sunburn.

Pamela Tracy said...

Since I love conferences, too, we'll probably meet up someday. I'm looking forward to it.

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh... I read this before I was really awake and I thought you said YOU sent the Barbie box.

Note to self: have a coffee before reading blogs.

Glad you enjoyed your conference. Hurray!

Pamela Tracy said...

You know, when I first started writing romance, I actually bought pink paper and pink mailing envelopes. Color me embarrassed.