Thursday, April 22, 2010

Prom and Post Prom

It’s prom season, or rather SENIOR prom season in my house. I can’t believe it, but my daughter—my baby—is graduating high school in a month and this is the last go-round for prom. We went dress shopping a few weeks ago and I have officially declared prom a racket! Oh, yeah, you see prom dresses are now going for more money than I spent on my wedding dress. Even if we go the department store route (which my daughter whole-heartedly resisted) we’re looking at a small fortune. We found the perfect dress. It was quite literally made for my daughter, until I looked at the price. The sales consultant had to bring in smelling salts. When I firmly said no, my daughter chose to spend her own money. I’m praying there’s a lesson in all this for her. Time will tell.

If you’re interested in the types of dresses the girls are buying, and the accompanying prices, check out for fun. I mean…phew!!!

On a happier note, we have a lovely post prom tradition up here in Nebraska. It’s called Post Prom. The parents join together to put on a drug and alcohol free event in the school gym. This is a huge event, with an equally huge budget that requires a committee of fifty plus parents and donations from all over the city. The festivities begin at midnight and last until five a.m. Once the kids enter the facility they may not leave and no one is admitted after 1:30 a.m. Only juniors and seniors (and their dates) may attend and they don’t have to attend prom to come to post prom. Security is tight.

Post Prom is THE best part of prom, at least that’s what the kids say. Once they’re done with the fancy/official prom they change into jeans and shorts and head over to the school. Inside, we have food, entertainment, carnival games, casino games (with fake money), prizes, food, food, oh, and more food. I can’t think of a better to keep the kids off the streets (and out of hotel rooms). The best part of all, the kids love this event. And since it’s a tradition up here they have no idea prom night is supposed to be any different than this. Once we kick them out at 5 a.m. they all go to breakfast.

Guess who’s on the committee this year? Yep, me. I’m in charge of publicity and ticket sales. The theme this year is A Night at the Oscars. The decorations are amazing and I’m wondering why I accepted a writing deadline around the same time. I also have a book release this month. LOVING BELLA is the third book of my Charity House series. I pray God will provide me with the words for the book I’m writing, the energy to promote my latest release and the fortitude to get through this last prom season.

So, tell me. Anyone have similar prom traditions in your school districts? I forgot to mention that Post Prom is a tradition for the public schools up here. Gotta love the Midwest.

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Lyn Cote said...

Renee, Glad you stood by your guns. Save the $$ for her education or her wedding.

I think Proms are lovely but not as important as much else in life.

And I'm appalled at how much wedding dresses cost these days. More than I spent on my whole wedding!

Pat Davids said...

What a wonderful tradition and bless you for being a part of it. I'm sure the Lord will gift you with all the words needed for your book because you are giving your time to such a worthy cause.

My daughter is long past prom age, but I've got a grandson who will be going there in a couple of years. I'll ask him about Post Prom. I wouldn't mind helping out with one.

Winter said...

My school did a post prom, very close to yours. Course we IA kids way out in the boonies didn't have anywhere to go after prom except home. It did keep those who would from drinking.

I was happy that my aunt was a whiz with the sewing machine. She took my cousin and myself prom dress shopping, we'd find the dresses that we liked and looked great on us, then she'd slyly sketch the dresses. Then we'd go pick out the color of fabric we wanted and all the extras. She'd take it home and sew it. For a fraction of the cost, I got a dress that looked exactly like the one I wouldn't have been able to afford.

Em said...

I personally like the idea of post prom. Some of the stories I've heard worry me for when my friend gets old enough for Prom next year. This is a really great idea.