Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Upcoming book and Valentine's Story

A big hello from Lisa Mondello. I'm excited to tell you that I'm just finishing up some final revisions on my first Love Inspired Romance book called Fresh-Start Family, which will be published 10/10. I really love this story as it features military hero, Tom Garrison, coming home and coming to grips with what he's lived through and what he's lost. Tom thinks he's escaped his memories until he meets a small town girl named Jenna and her spunky son, Brian, who is battling kidney disease. Despite neither wanting to become involved with each other, they're drawn to their friendship and love blossoms. Until the past comes rising up and takes Tom by the throat and he's forced to confront the things he doesn't want to remember. With Jenna's love and his faith in God he sees it through. I just love this story and hope you will too! I'll update with cover art as soon as I have it.
Also, if you haven't visited us over at the CRAFTIE LADIES OF SUSPENSE blog lately, you really must go. From Feb 1-Feb 14 the Craftie Ladies put together a special Valentine's Day short story. Yes, I know. You're probably sick of chocolate and Valentine's Day by now. Well, maybe not the chocolate!! But the story was loads of fun for each of us to write and you simply must check it out. Remember, start on Feb 1 and keep reading.
Here is the link to Part ONE: Killer Chocolate: A Valentine's Mystery
Until next time, many blessings, Lisa Mondello


Anonymous said...

Never sick of Valentine's day *or* chocolate. Thanks for the link to the story, too.

EllenToo said...

And from someone who read the story as it progressed and loved it....Go quickly and read it, it's great and is very suspenseful :)