Monday, February 15, 2010


Hi all, Renee Ryan here. I have a new book out this month, HEARTLAND WEDDING. It's Book 2 in the Love Inspired Historical continuity AFTER THE STORM: The Founding Years.

One of my biggest pleasures throughout the research phase of this book was learning how to cook some of my favorite Norwegian dishes.

No, I’m not Norwegian. But my darling husband is, all the way down to his blond hair, blue eyes and Nordic good looks. Every time he mentions a new adventure that involves a cross-country trek I find myself thinking about his Viking ancestors. I must point out, however, that my husband grew up in a good Christian home under the guidance of loving, godly parents who taught him good values and a strong work ethic.

Since I knew how much my husband enjoyed hearty dishes from the old country, I took it upon myself to make a few of the easier recipes in my own kitchen. An added benefit to this culinary undertaking was a newfound appreciation for my mother-in-law, Dee.

Because of distance, Dee was unable to guide me personally through the cooking process. However, she was gracious enough to send her most treasured recipes to me. I was determined to do each and every one of them justice. Unfortunately, I managed to fail more often than not. I will never master Kumla, one of my husband’s favorites, and a very difficult dish to make. I bow to Dee’s expertise on that one.

I continue to attempt some of the easier recipes, with questionable success. What about you? Any family recipes you want to share?


Renee Ryan said...

Hi Linda,

I have recipes for Kumla, Kringler, almond cookies, and more! Do you like the pastries or the main dishes???


Patty Smith Hall said...

Hi Renee,
Just finished 'Heartland Wedding' and thoroughly enjoyed it.