Thursday, February 11, 2010

Finish me.

I’m done. “Finish me” as my deaf kids would say.

What am I talking about? Winter. I live in Texas because I like mild winters (It has nothing to do with my husband, who’s a native Texan.) I pay the price for those mild winters in the summer when we keep a running count of the number of days it is over 100 degrees. As I recall, we had over 30 this last summer. I’m happy to pay the price for 1 or 2 days of cold.

Now I know all you folk up North call me a sissy and poo-poo my gripes, but one summer when I went to visit my relatives in Connecticut they were complaining about the heat. It was 90 and they’d had that weather for a week. I just wanted to laugh. For me, it was a nice day.

I know that my complaints are nothing compared to y’all back East and up North, but it’s snowed here, and I can’t tell the number of days it has not been above 40. And the nights below zero. Ugh. And forget seeing the Sun. January was overcast all month. When my husband and I lived in Lubbock, we had snow. I expected that. It was fine. My son was born between 2 major snow storms.

I am ready for Spring. Finish me Winter.

I feel better now and I’ll duck all those snowballs y’all are going to pitch at me.
Leann Harris


Stephanie Newton said...

I'm completely with you, Leeann. I live in FL. It's been such a cold winter and my house is not built for it. I can't get warm!

I'm so over it! ;o)

Eddie Snipes said...

A few more global warming months and you'll have Texas snow drifts.

Leann Harris said...

Won't that be something.

Stephanie Newton said...

Uhm, yeah, apparently I shouldn't have complained either. We're supposed to have snow. Here. On the beach in Florida.

I need some long johns.

Leann Harris said...

I'll tell you it snowed all day. We have close to 10 inches of snow. I don't plan on going anywhere tomorrow. But it will be a good day to stay in and write. Unfortunately, the husband will be home, too.

Anonymous said...

LOL. That's why I live in Arizona.

Unknown said...

I lived in Chicago for one winter, that's all it took for this Texan to come running home!

I am in El Paso, and I know what you mean about the heat, but hey, I would rather deal with that than with the snow.

Stay warm!!!