Monday, February 22, 2010

The Ones That Inspire

Ramona here, and I recently changed my Facebook profile picture to this one, in part because books have always been part of my life. Mother read to us even when we were infants, and I was telling stories before I could read.

Books have regularly changed my life. The printed word educated me and the printed Word saved me. Books have lifted me up and knocked me on my butt. They have shown me the best and worst of humanity, and as a writer, I long to write a book that could do the same thing to other readers as Catherine Marshall’s Christy, Robert Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land, and Dorothy Dunnett’s Checkmate did to me.

As a writer, I know I’m not there yet. I still have much to learn about the craft of my art. I still have personal disciplines I need to have in place. And I need to remind myself daily that God is the one who can show me how to develop both. I need to remember that He is the light unto my path not only when times are difficult but also when they are going well.

Because that’s when it’s the easiest to trip and fall. In the sunshine. In the good times. When the path is smooth, we can forget who made it that way.

For the past few months, my path has been rocky. Boulder-filled, even. But with His help, I know I can overcome what I need to in order to become a better writer . . . and a better person.

Have you read a book recently that made you cheer and want to be a better person?

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