Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Hello everyone! Dana Corbit here. Remember how snow days used to be your favorite days in the whole year? I remember. Sleeping in, wearing pajamas all day and watching old movies or piling on all the gear and running out to play in the snow - those were the days.

Today was a SNOW DAY! Eight inches of new snow dumped on southeast Michigan, creating headaches during the morning rush and offering a holiday to thousands of school kids, mine included. Okay, I admit it. I still get that jolt of excitement when the list of schools scrolls down the TV screen and I see the name of my daughters' school listed.

Ah, a snow day. Sleeping in, wearing pajamas all day, watching old movies...Well, today started out with that promise. I sent the girls back to bed, crawled back under the covers and closed my eyes. Then I opened them again in a panic.

No snow day for me. I had line edits to finish.

Now don't get me wrong. I like doing line edits. They're my chance to look at my manuscripts again, to correct any mistakes I've made and to make the stories the best they can be. I'm at what is called the "AA" stage for my 13th Love Inspired novel, WEDDING CAKE WISHES, so I'm working with the final page proofs for the way the book will appear when it is published in August. I get as excited to see these AA's as I do when I first see a book's tentative cover. (I've had a sneak peek of the cover for this book, and it has this amazing wedding cake on it - one that makes me hungry just looking at it.)

I spent this snow day wielding my purple editing pen and being caught up in the world of the Warrens and Scotts from my Wedding Bell Blessings trilogy. Cozy and warm while sharing in Logan and Caroline's romance, I could look out the window at all of that pretty snow and not worry about having to shovel it. (Yes, I did shovel later, and I have the sore back to prove it.)

So this wasn't a traditional snow day for me, but I had a great time anyway. Though I missed that chance to sleep in, I didn't even miss the movies as I had a story of my own to enjoy. And best of all, I got to spend the whole day in my pajamas.

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