Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Orleans and the Saints

I am a happy girl today. That's because our New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl!

I don't always follow football, but this was a story after every romance writer's heart. The dashing hero--Drew Brees--takes a chance on a team that was at one time so bad, the fans wore bags over their heads. Most of the other players now on the Saints team were free agents--discarded, let go, or discouraged and about to retire. So this team that won 34 - 17 on Sunday was welded from a group of vagabonds with big hearts. This team has broke redemption to New Orleans--the forgotten city that has suffered some major blows since Hurricane Katrina. Watching this fairy tale of a season where the games were so close you had to shut your eyes at times, was very special to the people of Louisiana. And sigh, when Drew Brees held his one year old son and kissed him, tears in his eyes, I fell in love. It was a special moment. And a good example of holding onto a dream until it becomes a reality. That's all any of us can do, after all. Hold onto the dream. And keep working. I'm very proud of the Saints and I hope their example will encourage anyone who has a dream to go for it.


Diane Marie Shaw said...

I love stories like this. It isn't always the most talented who win in any area, but the ones who won't give up, the ones who keep on improving, the ones who encourage others to hold onto their dreams.
Every underdog will be encouraged by this team.

Lenora said...

Yes, Diane. Exactly. I think writers can identify with this win because we work so hard to get published. Oh, by the way, the score was 31- 17. I added an extra field goal in there somewhere. Don't want to get greedy.

Linda said...

I'm glad you won, but it would have been nice to have our Vikings win!!! LOL!