Friday, November 20, 2009

All Good Gifts

As we approach Thanksgiving, I can't help by reflect on the multitude of blessings the Lord has given to me and my family. We have good health, our home, love, a great church family with lots of outreach to the community and world, wonderful music activities which our family loves, and we have God's gift of love and Salvation. Thanksgiving is a good time to reflect on the blessings in our lives even though we sometimes face difficulties and disappointments. But in between the bads and the goods, we can find some wonderful gifts that deserve remembering.

One of my blessings the the Steeple Hill Love Inspired editors who continue to contract my novels. This past year I've enjoyed writing the Man's Best Friend Series, and I'm grateful that my editors loved the series as well. The first book, DAD IN TRAINING, was released in September (actually hit the stores in mid-August. The series imcludes three novels about three woman who are involved with a dog shelter. The first book is Molly's story as she reaches her dream of owning a dog shelter and running her Teacher's Pet program. This program is a real middle-school program in Waterford Michigan, and Molly is a fictionalized version of a young woman named Amy Johnson. I've enjoyed the reader mail and emails telling me how much they enjoyed the first book. Each book is complete but the characters reappear in the other novels so readers can follow what's happening in their lives.

The second book in the series, GROOM IN TRAINING relesed in February 2010 but available in stores in mid-January, is Steph and her dog Fred's stories. Steph is Molly's best friend and runs a doggie day care in Molly's building that houses the shelter - Time for Paws.

I completed book three, BRIDE IN TRAINING, and it will be released in July, 2010, available in mid-June. This story is Emily's, a part-time employee at Time for Paws, and the hero will be a surprise for those who are reading the series.

I hope you enjoy this series, dedicated to our daughter who died three years ago from ovarian cancer. She taught obedience training and fostered dogs, as well as owning two border collies who were involved with agility and flyball. Brenda loved animals and I wanted to honor her with these books.


Pat Davids said...

Wonderful post. I, too, have recently spent time thinking about my blessings. They come in so many forms that we sometimes overlook them. When was the last time we gave thanks for computers? These tools that let us visit with each other around the world in a flash, share stories, pictures, do our jobs. How blessed we are that God gives us each our own unique gifts to share with humanity.

Sheila Deeth said...

What a lovely way to honor her, and what a lovely way to remind us to give thanks.

Project Journal said...

Really nice post! I still haven't read the first book yet, but it's at the front of my bookshelf waiting to be picked up! A friend is reading it right now and is REALLY liking it! She keeps telling me "You HAVE to start this book!" Lol....

The cover of the second book is really great! I love the look of different from most of the covers : )

Cheryl Wyatt said...

Gail, these covers are some of my favorites. They are absolutely adorable.