Thursday, November 12, 2009


Greetings. Carolyne Aarsen here.

I've been taking a slow, meandering walk down memory lane the past few months. I started working on my daughter's scrapbook again. I made one for my other two children when they turned 25 and this one is the third of four. It's been a fun trip reliving memories of my children when they were younger and seeing who they've become.

My book out this month, Close to Home, from Love Inspired, is a story about a woman who would prefer not to go back into the past. Whose memories are things to be avoided, not cherished. Dodie Westerveld is a character whose story I wanted to tell ever since she showed up, for the first time, in all her irreverance in Yuletide Homecoming, the first of my Riverbend series books. Dodie has made an appearance in each one since - Finally a Family and A Family for Luke. If you've read the other books, you'll want to read her story. Find out why she stays in Riverbend. Why she seems to be happy working at odd jobs and occasionally helping out her sister in her coffee shop.

And why she would just as soon not talk to Jace Scholte. A man with his own secrets and past.

I hope you have a chance to pick up Close to Home and find out more about Riverbend and Dodie, my favourite Westerveld.

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Missy Tippens said...

It sounds great, Caroylyne!

I admire you for doing those albums! My photos live in huge Rubbermaid containers under the bed. :(