Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Weekend at the Emerald City Conference

Hi, Terri Reed here.
This past weekend I was at the Emerald City Writers Conference in Bellevue Washington where I attended a variety of workshops, reconnected with old friends, and made new friends. The weekend started off by taking the train to Seattle.
I love riding the train. Stress free, comfortable and I had three and half hours to do as I wanted. I worked on my current project, slept a little and then read for pleasure (such a rare occurrance these days).
I'm reading ICE by Stephanie Rowe
On Saturday morning, I gave a workshop and used examples from my eharlequin online read, Yuletide Peril. Stop on by every Tuesday and Thursday for the month of October. Chapters 1-4 have already posted. Chapter 5 posts on Thursday.
I made this pretend cover for Yuletide Peril using an art software program of my daughter's. Cool, huh?
The workshop went okay. I am so not a public speaker. My husband asked why I would do a workshop then. My answer-- I want to stretch myself, move out of my comfort zone and the more experience I have the better I'll get at speaking in public. Right?

Saturday afternoon was a big book signing. I signed copies of my June release, Her Last Chance.

When I arrived home from conference my covers for my upcoming release were in my mail box. What timing. I could have used those at the conference.
Chasing Shadows hits the shelves in November.

When senior citizens start disappearing from a Boston retirement home, heiress Kristina Worthington is suspicious. Especially when she fears her beloved grandmother is next. Without solid evidence, she’s forced to turn to the one police officer who might listen—her former love, Gabe Burke. Now a seasoned cop, Gabe still sees her as the rich girl whose family thought he wasn’t good enough.
And though he takes the case, Gabe seems convinced he’s chasing shadows. Until they start dodging threats, bullets...and their own rekindled feelings.

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