Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fun and Writing in Denver

Good morning, it’s Leann. The highlight of my September was going to Denver. The conference was terrific. The workshops were great and seeing my editor and friends was a delight. For writers, if we don’t have an outside job, conferences are the only times we really get to get together. I also got to meet several of the ladies I blog with for the first time. What fun.

Of course, it took days for me to recover. All the information my brain absorbed took a few days to process. If you’ve never been to a writer’s conference, you get to a point where your brain is so saturated with knowledge, your brain just stops.
Reading Margaret’s blog, I’m jealous. I would’ve loved to have stayed longer in Denver and gone up into the mountains. I grew up in Denver and miss the city and mountains. And the Fall.

If you’ve not gone to a writer’s conference, find one close and go. It is worth it.

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