Wednesday, October 21, 2009

'Tis the Season

That's right. I know it's early. Merrillee here, already thinking about decorating my house with Christmas lights. This is a photo of the front of my house, which shows about a fourth of all the lights I put out at Christmas.

Fall is here. Can Christmas be far behind? I'm sure you've seen Christmas items already lining the shelves of your favorite stores. Christmas stories are popping up in our Love Inspired books. I enjoy the Christmas season, but I hardly ever shop early. In fact, I'm one of those people you might find wandering the mall on Christmas Eve, still looking for one more gift.

But last year our first grandchild was born on December 13. I immediately flew to Chicago, and all chances to shop were lost. The best thing we did last year was give gifts to charity instead of to each other. A new granddaughter was the best gift.

When do you start thinking about Christmas?


Terri Reed said...

Love your house! Puts me in the festive mood.

Project Journal said...

I agree with Terri...your house i beautiful!

I LOVE the Christmas season. It's definitely not the gifts and stuff though...I love the feeling. Everyone is happy and warm and I can't explain it, but you know what I mean.

David Archuleta(a singer, don't know if you know him) just had a new CD that came out and it's a Xmas CD. My sister not only loves him but is IN love with him : P So, she had to rush right out and buy it. So, we're already listening to Xmas music daily. However, David's voice is amazing to listen to no matter what he's singing. You should look into the CD!!

My mom has also been talking about our Xmas lights! She wants to get them put up before the snow comes.

Usually, we don't do Xmas "stuff" until the day after Thanksgiving..then mom let's us do whatever Xmas stuff we want. We get our Xmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving from my grandparents(they sell Xmas trees in December).

Sorry it turned out so long, but that's my answer!

Merrillee said...

Thank, Terri and Hannah. I like to start decorating right after Thanksgiving, too.

Anonymous said...

I love the Christmas season & all it stands for. I start decotating Thanksgiving's weekend, that's when I have help.Your house is beautifu, very festive.

CatMom said...

I agree with the others - - your house looks beautiful! ~ I like to begin decorating right after Thanksgiving, but now that I have 6 housecats ("toddlers in fur") I cannot get out all the breakable decorations I've used in the past*sigh*....But that's okay - - I still make our home as festive as possible! :) Blessings,
Patti Jo