Wednesday, August 13, 2014

And a chatting we will go.....

Jenna Mindel here on the heels of a couple interactive days with readers that were awesome.  
Saturday, I participated in an author chat with my buddy and fellow Love Inspired (Historical) author, Christine Johnson at the lovely Olivet Book & Gift store in Alpena MI..
 Olivet Book & Gift

Christine Johnson on the left and me.
And then on Tuesday, I joined 19 Northern Michigan authors for an author fair at the Charlevoix, MI public library.   

I love to talk writing, but even better is getting a chance to meet readers.  I'm always curious to know what lures a reader to pick up a book, and then maybe (gulp) put it back down.  

One of the topics discussed in Alpena was connected books belonging to a series or trilogy.  What is it that readers like or dislike about these novels?  The information gleaned was great and the discussion lively.

And so, I thought I'd bring that question here.  What are your likes and dislikes about books in a series?


September Release from Love Inspired.

Just in time for the next book set in LeNaro, Michigan.
My September 2014  release "The Deputy's New Family" should hit the shelves by the end of August.

Beth Ryken finally gets her man, only he's exactly what she's never wanted.  A cop! 

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Keli Gwyn said...

What I like most about a series is the sense of community that comes from seeing characters featured in prior stories reappear and meeting those who will be the main characters in futures stories. Our lives are interwoven with the people we know, and I like when that occurs in stories I read as well.

Jackie Smith said...

I really enjoy "series" books, and I think Keli G. has covered all my reasons!!!

Jennifer said...

Hi everyone! I like lots of humor and a side of seriousness.
Jenna my Grandma-in-law lives in Alpena as well as a couple of uncles-in-laws. I'm glad you had an awesome time with readers and with Christine!

Jenna Mindel said...

Wow, I love what you said! And it's so true -none of us live in a void and neither should our characters.
So very true.

Waving Hello to Jackie!!
Thanks, Ladies for stopping by!

Jenna Mindel said...

What a small world! How fun. Alpena is a really pretty town. And if you ever get the chance to go there- hit Olivet Book & Gift right downtown on the main corner. It's a really nice Christian bookstore, and the owner is lovely!

Thanks for your post!

Unknown said...

What a fun way to mingle with readers. :)

Jennifer said...

Hi Jenna, We visited when my oldest was a baby and I loved it there. Hopefully someday we will get to go back. Jenny

Unknown said...

Jenna, great cover!

Jenna Mindel said...

Thanks!! I like this cover too :)
I've been very fortunate in the cover dept - although I will admit to favoring landscapes the best.

Have a wonderful day!