Monday, August 4, 2014

Allie Pleiter on high school memories

High School.  So many of us have strong memories of that time in our lives.  It’s such a dramatic, formative era in any life, isn’t it?  I think that’s why so many people work with youth groups and youth organizations—there’s such a powerful potential for a life-long impact.

Max Jones, the hero in A HEART TO HEAL, doesn’t think he’s that type at all.  Still, the problems facing young Simon Williams are so close to Max’s heart that he can’t resist.  I suppose pretty guidance counselor Heather Browning has a bit to do with his saying “yes,” to helping, too.  Max learns what many of us know:  when you offer to help someone, the benefits always run both ways—you often get as much as you give, if not more.

What I remember most about high school was theater.  I was one of those high school “theater geeks,” finding my place and my friends among the drama club.  I’ve kept in touch with many of those people, especially through social media.  I went to college as a theater major, eventually moving from performing to directing to producing, spending my first post-collegiate professional years in the “front of the house” in cultural arts administration.

I remember those times fondly.  If I hear a song from any of my high school musicals, I’ll always sing along (but not THE High School Musical, mind you…I’m a bit older than that…).  What about you?  What group or club was your "home" in high school? 


Leann Harris said...

I remember my high school reunion (15). As I was packing, I looked at the invitation. It was the weekend before. My first thought was, how can I used this in a book?

Suzanne Sholer said...

I really enjoyed theatre arts too, and later in University took drama as a teachable. My closest brush with fame was doing extra bits in movies and TV shows.
I was privileged to meet Colleen Dewhurst on one set, Colleen made a point of coming to me in the break, and telling me I should stick with acting, because I really had talent. Another actor on the set, came to me and asked what Colleen had said to me.
"Colleen said that to YOU? You should listen!" the young woman gasped,"She NEVER says anything that she doesn't mean."

Keli Gwyn said...

My closest ties in high school were with my friends in German Club. It was an active group, thanks to our wonderful German teacher who poured his heart and soul into his students.

When I was enjoying my German classes and German Club activities, I never dreamed I'd end up living in Germany for four and a half years. God knew, and He prepared me. I think that's so cool.

Keli Gwyn said...

Suzanne, how thrilling it must have been to meet Colleen Dewhurst and receive such encouragement from her. What a gift!