Thursday, August 7, 2014

New rules for our website contest

Our webmaster recently found out that some evil spambot person lifted your email addresses from the comments on our blog and then sent a bunch of emails to you with a virus. They even copied the graphic design from our website for the virus email.

We apologize if you were attacked. Please be assured we didn’t “sell” your email addresses to anyone. The evil spambot person took the email addresses from your public blog comments. We have gone through and deleted all comments with email addresses in them.

Because of this, we’re changing the way you enter our contests.

Instead, we’ll have you enter using a link to a contest form. That way your names and email addresses won’t be viewable publicly. The link will be available here on our contest page in a few days.

However, you can still get extra entries into the contest by commenting on our blog. JUST DON’T LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN THE COMMENTS.

**Instead, when you enter the contest using the contest form, please include your Blogger ID or the public name you use when you post on the blog. That way we can connect you with your comment on the blog. If you don’t list your ID or public name/username, then we can’t give you extra entries into the contest because we don’t know if a certain poster on the blog is you or not.**

The exception is for people whose Blogger ID has their email address attached to their profile, or those of you who post on our blog using your blog or website address (or somewhere else where we can contact you). Just keep doing that!

We’re sorry for the inconvenience. We had no idea someone would try to scam our readers.

Again, please remember to not leave your email address in your comments on our blog!


Anonymous said...

got an e-mail claiming I won and I was super excited and directed me to this website where I figured out pretty quick it was either spam or a virus:( I also posted about the SPAM attack via cdm .... @cdmtx65

Valri said...

Yeah, I got the email too! Looks like it was pretty widespread!

Jennifer said...

Very irritating when someone does this!

Rita Wray said...

I guess some people have nothing better to do than cause problems for others. A long jail sentence should stop the criminals.

Camy Tang said...

We're so sorry you guys got attacked! We never meant for any of that to happen.

toddsgirl13 said...

I got that email..and I'm pretty sure I'd never even been on the blog. Glad I found it now, though!!