Thursday, August 7, 2014

Walmart's Book Stockers

by Keli Gwyn (@KeliGwyn)

I'm a book stalker. I'm guessing you might be, too, based on the many comments our wonderful blog readers left on my post last week about Walmart's Book Department Shrinkage.

Like many of you, I eagerly anticipate the arrival of the latest Love Inspired titles at Walmart and get excited when they show up.

Have you ever wondered about the book stockers who make book stalkers' days? I did. I wanted to know who Walmart's book stockers are and when they fill the shelves.

I decided to find out. What I discovered might surprise you. It did me.

When I began my search several years ago, I assumed Walmart workers shelve the books. Not so. Walmart uses a book supplier: Anderson Merchandisers®.

Every Tuesday our local Anderson Merchandisers representative shows up at my local Walmart and replenishes the book department. She's pictured below.

Over the years I've made friends with this lovely young lady and have learned a lot from her.
  • What books are stocked is determined at a corporate level.
  • She can request a certain book be reordered if it's selling well, although her requests aren't always honored.
  • She has to remove and return unsold books when their shelf time is up in order to make room for the new titles.
  • She has to work quickly because she stocks the books at a number of area Walmarts.
If you happen to be in your local Walmart's book department when it's being stock, I suggest introducing yourself to the representative. You could learn a lot and make a new friend.

The cover for my first Love Inspired Historical has yet to be designed, but I did get my official release date recently: June 2015. You can be sure that when June arrives, I'll be stalking Walmart's book department. :-)


How often do you visit the book department at your local Walmart?

Have you ever been there when the book were being stocked?

Have you ever talked with the book stocker?


Jackie Smith said...

I visit Walmart weekly!! Yes, I have spoken to the book stockers....very nice people!

Keli Gwyn said...

Jackie, don't you think being a book stocker would be a great job? Of course, it would provide plenty of temptation for book lovers. I'm sure most of my paycheck would go on books I saw while stocking them.

Unknown said...

Keli, that's so kewl that you actually got to meet a Walmart book stocker. Thanks!

Keli Gwyn said...

Leigh, the story of how I met our book stocker is interesting. I was caught snooping in her cart filled with soon-to-be shelved books. Yup! She'd taken a break and left her filled-to-the-brim-with-books cart in the aisle. Since I was hoping my book was in it ready to be shelved, I sneaked a peek at the layout sheets to see if I could spot my title on the Inspirational page. She caught me red-handed. I quickly apologized and told her who I was and why I was being nosy. Ours wasn't the best of meetings, but it was memorable. I've overcome my less-than-stellar first impression. The nice young lady now smiles when she sees me. And I no longer snoop. :-)

Jennifer said...

I have never caught the book stocker but now that I know that I'll keep an eye out!

Keli Gwyn said...

Jennifer, if you ask the staff at your Walmart, they could probably tell you when the book department is stocked and you could meet the nice person who keeps the shelves full.