Monday, May 27, 2013

Truth is Stranger than Fiction

What you are about to hear is true, absolutely true, and I won't even tell you that the names have been changed to protect the innocent because I'm not mentioning names

It's Memorial Day weekend, and for my family that means camping. 

When my hubby and I first married, he had a tent that fit two.  We progressed (mostly because of the suitcase I insisted on bringing) to a two room tent.  Then, I got pregnant.  Did you know when you're pregnant and camping in a tent, it's really REALLY a pain to roll off the ground every ten minutes in the middle of the night because nature calls.  Yup, you guessed  it.  We got a pop-up.  We still have it for our short camping trips. 

Now we have a camper (think bathroom and stove).  The reason why my husband agreed is because our camping trips are for longer periods of time and if he wants me fully vested, I want the potty.

So, we've been camping since Wednesday with lots of camping friends.

The chain of events you are about to read is true.  They happened yesterday.

1. Early Morning: Married couple (Grandma and Grandpa) leave tent behind to drive to Big City to attend graduation party.
2. After Dinner: Mother A (not her real name) heads to nearest town (twenty miles away - not really a town, more a spot) for trivial reason.
3. After Dessert: Child bitten in head by over excited dog (Don't worry, child is fine we now know).
4. Mother B tosses child in truck, heads for nearest big town for hospital.
5. Instead: Mother B drives off road and her truck goes down an embankment.
6. Two minutes later: Mother A finds Mother B and rescues her and drives her to hospital.
7.  After stitches, Mother B turns child over to Grandpa and Grandma who were not supposed to return camping until following day but who decided to return early.  They spend night in hotel while Mother B returns to campstie and other children.
8. Next day, tow truck pulls Mother B's truck from embankment and NOT a STRATCH.

Isn't God amazing.

If I put this in a book, would you believe me?

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