Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pinterest by Leann Harris

Writing today is a different animal than when my first book was published in 1993.  There is Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, and Pinterest just to name a few.  Sometimes it is overwhelming.  Most writers are introverts and just want to go back into their 'caves' and write their books.  I heard a speaker talk about social media and she said to pick one or two things you are most comfortable with.   So I've concentrated on Facebook and Pinterest.  It took a few times on the Pinterst site and looking at other boards before I got the idea.  I love doing it.

I saw one author did a board for her book putting up pictures of her hero and heroine, so I decided to do a board for my last LI book, Fresh-Start Ranch.

The book I just finished is set in Holland in WWII.  I started a board for myself to help visualize what my characters went through and it helped me with the background. It will also let the reader place themselves in the era.  I haven't done the official board for the book,  Final Forgiveness,  but I will.  

Once of the best resources I found for my book was the Anne Frank's website.!/en/Subsites/Annes-Amsterdam/

Check it out and see. 

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