Monday, May 20, 2013

Allie Pleiter on Sunshine

I admit it...the weather can dictate my mood.

I like to think of myself as a "sunny" personality, but it's closer to the truth than I realize.  Days like today, where the lovely breeze and sunshine in Chicago signal the welcome end to a dreadfully dreary Spring, I love writing on the back deck.  I'm doing so right now.  The words come easily, happily.

Those same words might not come so easily in the rain.  Or cold.  Or under an overcast sky.  I like my sunshine, and my life always feels better under the sun.

Still, my family jokes that I "wilt easily."  In other words, I like to enjoy my sunshine from the shade (how's that for irony?).  Bake me in the sun too long, and I'm a cranky gal.  My daughter lives in a warm climate, and June is about the latest I'll visit her.  August?  Forget it.

What about you?  Does weather change your mood?

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