Thursday, May 2, 2013

O Happy Day

Terri Reed here.  Today is an exciting day for me.  My daughter is coming home from college.  She's been away in London since last August.  She did come home at Christmas and I went to visit her in March, but I'm so giddy that she's on her way back today.

My daughter and I have a very good relationship and are close friends, as well as mother/daughter.  Its hard sometimes balancing the two aspects of our relationship.  As time goes on the friendship part is growing and the mothering is taking a backseat (sometimes) :-)  She'll be twenty this summer and I'm planning a tea party (in good English fashion).
We love tea around here.  One of my favorites is Duchess Tea which is like Earl Grey only has some citrus already infused in the tea leaves.  Also Good Earth original spicy herbal tea is great on a blustery day.  During the warm days I go for peach infused black tea brewed by the sun.
Do you have a favorite tea?
Here I am in Richmond Upon Thames, UK, at the Tea Box.  What's a trip to England without stopping in for tea?

My newest book hits the shelves next Tuesday! 
Scent of Danger, book 5 of the Texas K-9 Unit series.

Detective Melody Zachary is determined to find who killed her
nephew in a drug-related murder. She’s launched her teen center
in his memory, to keep kids off the streets. And she’ll prove to
narcotics officer Parker Adams and his K-9 drug-sniffing partner,
Sherlock, it’s not a haven for dealers. As they risk their lives to save others, Melody discovers that Parker and she share the same deep commitment to making a difference. Will circumstances allow them to take the biggest risk yeton love? 

This book received a 4 1/2 star review from Romantic Times Magazine!
"This fast-paced tale, punctuated with determined characters who tie in nicely with the other books, continues the collaborative Texas K-9 Unit series."  (Reviewed by:  Leslie McKee)

Here's the covers for all six books!

Aren't they gorgeous?

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