Monday, May 6, 2013

My Career Highpoint

Pat Davids here wishing you all a beautiful day.

I recently reached a career highpoint.

It happened Friday, May 3rd, 2013 in Kansas City, MO. On Friday afternoon, I was awarded the RT Review's Choice Award for the Best Love Inspired Novel of 2012. What an honor to have my book, A HOME FOR HANNAH, chosen from among all the Love Inspired Books that were out last year. It truly was the highpoint of my career to date. The day was made extra special by the fact that my daughter and my best friend were in the audience watching me make my way across the stage to accept my award and give a small speech. I don't mind public speaking, but it was a big audience and the lights were so bright.


Lest you think all this hoopla has gone to my head, I assure you it hasn't. The video my daughter took of the event clearly captured my grace, my poise and my slip showing from beneath the hem of my dress. Ah well, it was my career highpoint anyway. Thankfully, the roses hid it when I was at the podium.


I have to wonder how someone picks the best book out of so many great books. I couldn't do it. I'm happy the reviews at RT magazine chose A HOME FOR HANNAH, but I don't believe for a minute it was a better book than so many other fine stories. Novels resonate with people for many different reasons. For some, it is a great plot, for others, it is loveable or memorable character or an especially sweet or emotional scene.


 Could you do it? Could you name the best Love Inspired book you read last year? Well, here is your chance. Let me offer you the opportunity to name your favorite Love Inspired Book of 2012 or of all time. You can tell me why you feel that way, but you don't have to. There are many great Love Inspired authors, so let's spotlight some of their amazing work.

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