Monday, February 11, 2013

Who Makes a Hero

Pamela Tracy here, and yes Love Inspired author Kim Watters and I are standing next to Jack Sparrow.

Kim and I were signing books at the Glendale Chocolate Affair, doing what we love most: meeting readers and talking shop, when who did we spy across the way JACK SPARROW.

Being of like mind, we both hopped up, cell phone cameras in hand, and sprinted across the way.

This Jack was awesome.  He stayed in character and we got our picture

Alas, Jack could not be a hero in one of my books.  He'd really, really, REALLY need to be redeemed.  He could be a secondary character though.  He could be a crusty old uncle that only the heroine seemed to connect with in an LI.  Or, he'd be the one with a secret both the H and H need if this were an LIS.  Or, in an LIH, he'd be on the boat bringing the heroine to the new world and the real hero would have to be grateful or something.

How would you use Jack in your book?

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