Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Small miracles still happen..

Jenna Mindel here, giving some serious praise for the successful birth of our puppies and the good health of their Rat Terrier Mama - our little Peanut.  We bred Peanut with a Jack Russell terrier for the pure joy of having puppies with no intent to sell them or become breeders.   This was a one time deal.   I studied, I researched, but when the time came for Peanut to deliver, things didn't go well.  Her contractions went away.   After an emergency trip to the vet's for shots to get things moving again, we returned home with bad expectations.  The vet didn't think the puppies would make it as their heart rates were so low, and if Peanut didn't deliver, she'd be in trouble too.  My husband and I prayed - Steve even called our pastor and asked him to pray.  Peanut delivered 4 healthy pups - 3 female and 1 male.  From left to right is Hazelnut, Filbert (laying down), Walnut and Almond.

God chose to touch our dog.  Why would He do that?  Amazing still, God answered my question in my devotions the morning after the delivery.  The passage told a tale of how God cares about what we care about.  And we love our little Peanut and her pups.  We're so very thankful for this small miracle!

On another happy side-note, last week I received the cover for my June 2013 release - and it's just gorgeous!

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Thank you for stopping by and let me know what kinds of miracles God's made in your life?

Bless you!

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