Saturday, February 2, 2013

Rodeo by Leann Harris

I just turned in a book about a charity rodeo, and the month of January is rodeo time.  Fort Worth does a three week rodeo which I always look forward to.  It's one of the delightful things to do in the winter to see the different rodeo events.   Also a lot of stock is shown during the day and when you see all the primping and combing that goes on with the animals, it makes you smile.  Some cows get more hairspray than I've used in the last  10 years.

When you go to the stock show, across the street is the Amon Carter Museum, which shows world class paintings and sculptures.  It you want to see a Remington, that's the place to go.  And if your brave, you can go down to old stock yards, which the city has turned into a tourist haven.
Fort Worth keeps it's western roots close, but it also has one of the best museums, zoos, and  a stunning botanical gardens I've ever scene.
Happy Rodeo.

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