Thursday, February 21, 2013

Leigh Bale Blogs About Valentines and Old Age

Lots of people talk about how they’d like to get married and grow old together.  But growing old isn’t a pretty sight.  It takes real love and commitment to endure the test of time.  And when I think of Valentine’s Day, I can’t help thinking about my favorite romantic couples. There's Antony and Cleopatra, Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, Elizabeth Bennet and Lord Darcy.   But then, I think about Steve, my husband for over 31 years and the love of my life.  And then, my parents, Dan and Marjorie.  They’ve been married almost 57 years, now.  That’s a long time.  They’ve grown old together.  And yet, when you ask them, they say they were just married yesterday.  When they look at one another, I see the light of love shining in their eyes, along with admiration and respect.  They know what each is made of and that they can depend on one another when the chips are down.  That Dad will still give Mom flowers now and then, and that Mom will still call Dad her “Cookie Monster” when he raids the freezer for the cookies he knows she has hidden there just for him. 

I’m glad we have Valentine’s Day, to remind us to be romantic.  But I think real romance is in the day-to-day living, working, raising kids, sharing laughter and tears, going through the difficulties and pleasures of life together.  Real love is blind.  It doesn’t see the wrinkles, gray hair, and frail bodies.  It only sees the person inside.  The person we first fell in love with.

My next book out in May 2013 is titled HEALING THE FOREST RANGER.  Included in the story are physical as well as mental scars and how real love can look beyond that.  I hope you like the book.  And tell me, who is your favorite romantic couple and why?  Leigh Bale

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