Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Is Thee Hungry?--Lyn Cote

Hi Lyn Cote here! My newest series, "Wilderness Brides" debuts this month with the release of Their Frontier Family, book one. My heroine Sunny, a former prostitute (from my book Her Healing Ways), is not a very good cook (lack of practice.) But she uses other ways to win her marriage of convenience husband's heart. 

But the old the way to a man's heart is through his stomach is not a bad idea. Several other Love Inspired Historical Authors, have put together an Old Family Recipe booklet. Here are the contributors:

·         Cheryl St.John
·         Valerie Hansen
·         Janet Lee Barton  
·         Naomi Rawlings
·         Deborah Hale
·         Victoria Bylin
·         Linda Ford
·         Laurie Kingery
·         Cheryl Bolen
·         Eva Marie Hamilton
·         Rhonda Gibson
·         Regina Scott
·         Janet Dean
·         Winnie Griggs
·         Lyn Cote

This started on our active GoodReads LIH group discussion at
about old family recipes.
Some of the recipes:
  •     Datch
  •     Daffy Cakes
  •     Dick Brown's Crabby Dip
  •     Momma's Cracker Pudding!
If you'd like a copy, click any of the authors listed and they'll gladly email you a PDF copy of the booklet! And if you'd like to know more about Their Frontier Family, click here. Their Frontier Family (Love Inspired Historical).

Can you guess why I asked Is Thee Hungry instead of Are You Hungry? --Lyn Cote

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