Thursday, February 2, 2012

Winter Adventures And Story Ideas

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What is more inspiring than a setting like this? Although we know the Lord surrounds us each day, the grandeur of His natural beauty is awe-inspiring.
I've wanted to winter in a place that would offer adventure and rest, and Sedona, Arizona is one of those perfect settings.

Usually a computer potato--never a couch potato since I'm always writing and I use a mouse--I find myself walking daily and hiking up the sloops of the red rocks when I have the courage and energy. A hiking stick helps, and I've enjoyed seeing the views from higher up. 

We've had the frightening thrill of running into wild animals on our journeys, and my husband had the good sense to bring along his camera.  Our first encounter was a bobcat who looked up at us while he lounged in the shade and then decided his nap was more important than lunch.  We were grateful.

Our next adventure was running into a javelina who was not with the usual herd or pack but was alone.  We were grateful because they are wild and can be dangerous. Though the javelina looks like he'd be from the pig family, he is a peckery and if you look closely you'll see he has hair.

We've seen mountain lion tracks but that's one adventure I'll pass up.  I'm still longing to see a roadrunner. 

The setting, hiking, and wild animals has naturally stirred my creative juices and I can feel a novel budding in my mind. I've been here before but never for more than a week, so this extended trip---away from Michigan's winter---is both inspiring and exciting.  One of these days (more likely years), I hope to offer a series or a novel set in this magnificent location.

This is not all fun either. I'm working on a novel to come out months from now which I've titled Waiting for You. It will be the first book in a new series. So for now from our deck with a view of castle rock and bell rock, think of me, and if you enjoy my novels, look for the next LI, A Dream of His Own (the last in the Dreams Come True series) that will be in stores at the end of May through June. If you wondered who is the donor for this wonderful foundation, you may just learn the secret in the last novel.  :  )

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