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Research and My New Release - CHRISTMAS GIFTS - Gail Gaymer Martin

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When an idea strikes me for a novel, my mind begins to click with characters and plot, but also with setting. Where should this story take place? So when my agent called to say my editor asked if I would be part of a Christmas Duet novel for this year, I thought a moment--but only a moment--and said yes. I love writing Christmas books and I'd been thinking that I'd love to have a new one. Story ideas came fast, a widowed father with 7 year old twin daughters who were trouble, and a teacher. Perfect.

Now where to set the story? A small town was my first thought so I began looking through the Internet for small towns in Northern Michigan along I-23.  I'd driven there a few months earlier to visit relatives and had already considered setting a story in one of these small towns. After investigating small towns on the Internet, I found the perfect spot--Harrisville, Michigan. My husband and I took a weekend and visited the town.

Everyone I meet was pleased to be part of the novel and cooperated fully. I visited the library where many town activities are sponsored and spent an hour or more at the elementary school, touring the building and talking with the principal, office staff, and a second grade teacher. A visit to the Chamber of Commerce provided me with great information especially about their Christmas event, Christmas in the Village. Deidre Gray owner of the gift shop, Maggie’s on Main, answered many questions and served as a liaison, as well as being eager to sell the books in her store, Manny Pompa owner of the restaurant and bakery Flour Garden provided information about the Tree Lighting Ceremony on the highway. Bob and I spent time in the park which provides a scene in the novel, and I drove through neighborhoods taking photographs of houses that I used in the story to create realism. I even called officials to learn their laws about leaf burning in the town.  When I delved into the novel, it was like visiting old friends. I hope you enjoy the novel as much as I enjoyed meeting the townspeople and researching the town.

including Small Town Christmas
Gail Gaymer Martin
Love Inspired Duet - November 2011

Mini-Matchmakers And An Old Fashion Christmas
When the new second grade teacher, Amy Carroll, meets the precocious twin sisters, she knows she has her hands full, but when she learns they live on the street where she is staying with her grandmother and they have a single father who is handsome and needs help, Amy’s hands are beyond full. But Amy’s from Chicago and falling in love with a small town man is not part of her plan. Can God waylay Amy’s desire to return to the big city? Can Mike Russett open his heart to love?

Martin’s story contains strong characters and touching scenes - Romantic Times

Martin's spirituality and her gift for spinning a story flow through this wonderful Christmas romance novel. A must-buy for any Christian romance connoisseur this holiday season! Reviews by Laura

This duet novel also includes Brenda Minton's Her Christmas Cowboy

Available in all stores where books are sold or at Internet books stores.  Click Here for and a first chapter excerpt.

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