Monday, October 24, 2011

Jenna Mindel here. I seem to be in line with everyone's pet themes since I planned on blogging about my latest passion - a 4month old guinea pig we've named Beatrice! Aunt Bea for short. Our neighbors gave her to us and it's a good thing too, because after holding little Bea, my fate was sealed. She's a sweetie-pie and loves to be held. She's also learned to squeal for lettuce. I've discovered that Aunt Bea prefers leaf to romaine, along with raw carrots. We're anxiously awaiting our neighbors' next brood of baby guinea pigs so we can give Beatrice a little sister.

Now my home is pretty small but to me, my house just isn't a home without pets. I've been bringing home critters all my life, but my parents were not always hip to keeping them. Thank goodness for my husband's willingness to accept my menagerie of living things including discarded houseplants I've picked up over the years. Steve didn't blink an eye when I brought home a fish tank so I could take in a co-worker's Green Terror cichlid. That fish died years ago, but I still maintain a freshwater tropical fish tank mainly because I want to give a Wal-mart Betta the chance to live outside the cup.

My husband and I also love beagles and during our 26 yrs of marriage, we've taken in a few. Our current dog, Lana, was a foundling from four years ago and she's quite the little princess. She's not too sure about Aunt Bea though.... Don't worry, Lana is very gentle with Bea even though she's a little disgusted with us.

What kind of pets do you have and why? I love reading romances that showcase animals. Do you think adding an animal to a book helps or hinders its appeal?

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