Monday, October 10, 2011

Allie Pleiter on "How I met" stories...

Allie Pleiter here.  We were out at a dinner party last night when couples began sharing how they met.  Writing romance as I do, these kinds of conversations always catch my attention.  Some of the stories were really heartwarming: “I knew I wanted to marry him from the moment I saw him.”  Some were classics: “I kept trying to foist him off on my roommate but he was really interested in me.”  Some were funny tales of circumstances conspiring to bring two hearts together (my favorite kind of romance to write!). 
I thought I’d share how I met my husband, Jeff.
You might not be impressed that we met in a Chicago night spot (unimaginative, I know).  We’d both been dragged their by respective groups of friends, and weren’t particularly interested in being there.  Because I am six feet tall, back then any group of single males immediately divided itself into 1) a tiny minority of “tall enough” and 2) a heaping help of “not tall enough.”  

Jeff was one of a handful of nice-looking guys in the former category.  We chatted, danced a few times, exchanged phone numbers without much optimism, the whole just-after-college scenario.  We joke now that if we’d have met in college, we’d never have talked to each other.  I was a crazy extroverted theater major from Connecticut, he was a quiet engineer from Illinois.  I doubt e-Harmony would have ever matched us up...but God had other plans.

Jeff did call.  We set a date to meet, and he happened to take delivery on his brand-new Mustang convertible the day of our first date.  Needless to say, when a handsome man picks you up in a spanking new convertible, it gets your attention.  To make a long story short, I ordered lobster at dinner to see if he was up to treating me right.  He put the top down and drove  fast to see if I was the kind of girl who cared that we arrived at dinner with my hair in knots.

We’ve been married 22 years, so I expect you can guess how we passed each other’s “tests.”  We still laugh about our early dates and how we “vetted” each other.

What about you?  Any great “how I met my husband/wife” stories out there?

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