Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Adventures in husband land - Carolyne Aarsen

I'm a very cautious person. I'm a worrier. I tend to see not only the bigger picture of various events but every possible iteration of that event. All the things that could happen. This tends to make me careful and tends to make me a worrier. Then there's my husband. He likes to go ahead and solve the problems as they come. Like the little trip we made the other day out into the bush to a cabin we have out there. We took the quad (ATV's as they are also known) because it would be too long to walk and there were various wet spots we had to cross. We came to a creek and I thought - end of the line. Now if you've read a previous post of mine, you will realize that when I come to water, to me it is the end of the line. To my husband it is a challenge to be faced. This first picture is my husband facing the challenge. I'm taking pictures of said husband facing the challenge. The next picture is of the results of facing the challenge. You can't see the smile on his face, but I can To him it is just another thing to deal with. And the interesting part was, he did. Thank goodness for tough willows and winches.

Anyhow the quad got out and I got pictures and once again I had to realize that all the things I worry about again and again, won't necessarily happen. Once again I had to trust my husband. And once again I had to see the adventure in the moment. I'm a work in progress. But the fact that I was taking pictures instead of wringing my hands and wondering how in the world we are going to get out of here and what if we don't and we have to walk all the way back and the bears lurking in the bush attack us and our grandchildren will never see us again and someday some hunter will stumble over our carcasses and see the quad buried in the creek and realize what happens . . . . . shows that I've made some progress.

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