Friday, April 15, 2011

Leigh Bale Muses About Service

I’m delighted to say that my new book will be available next week: The Forest Ranger’s Promise. This book is dedicated to my father, who is my first greatest hero. Check for it in Wal Mart, K-Mart, grocery stores or your local bookstore after the 19th. It’s officially a May release, but Wal Mart always gets them in earlier. This is the first book in a new series and the second book titled The Forest Ranger’s Husband will be available the end of October. Both books have page-turning scenes I think you’ll enjoy. To get more info, visit my website at:

This month, I have learned a lesson in service. Following one of the rain storms we’ve had, my husband rushed out the door early one morning to go to work, slipped on the black ice, and fell. Hard. He broke his ankle in three places and tore up the ligaments and muscles. It swelled to double the normal size and the bruising looked like someone had taken a baseball bat to his entire foot and calf.

Over the past few weeks since this accident, it has been my pleasure to serve my sweet husband. Suddenly just getting up to retrieve something as simple as a tissue became a gargantuan task for him. Going to the restroom, taking a shower and driving a car seemed impossible tasks. As I took care of my husband’s chores (like taking the garbage can to the curb) as well as my own, I became more fatigued, but it was a labor of love. I caught a glimpse of our old age and realized how fragile our lives are. But as I served my dear husband, I realized that the fragile body God has gifted us with cannot keep us from transcending the deep and eternal love we have for one another. Truly it was no burden for me to serve him. The extra work and inconvenience seemed so light in comparison to my love for him.

And secondly, we have finally been able to take the time and financial resources to finish The Hill in our back yard. You know those useless hills your home builder sticks in your back yard and then includes it into the overall acreage? What can you do with them? Nothing! So we have waited until we could afford to do something constructive with our hill. Take a look at the picture and let me know what you think? We’re going to plant a variety of lilac bushes, honeysuckle and Lydia broom plants. Our daughter is getting married soon and we’re planning to hold her reception in our back yard. I think it’s going to be beautiful. Now I better get back to work writing my next book, right? :)


Karen Kirst said...

Thanks for your post. Your attitude is refreshing and makes me evaluate my own toward serving my family. Sometimes I get irritated/overwhelmed by all the demands. I hope your husband heals quickly. Congrats on your new book! I'll be looking for it. :)

Rachel said...

The hill looks great. You had a great idea for it and it is going to look beautiful with the flowers. Sorry about your husband and hope he feels better.

Leigh Bale said...

Oh, you are all so sweet. I'll pass on your well-wishes to my husband. And later on, I'll have to be sure to post another picture of The Hill once we've got some vegetation planted on it. Thanks so much, folks! You're the best!

Nina's At My House said...

I love these books, like the texas ranger justice ones, and the suspense one the most. These are clean and really good, fast paced too.