Thursday, April 28, 2011

Brenda Novak's Auction

Kim Watters here....I've doing a faux pax by posting this here as well as the Craftie Ladies blog, oh my. But because I feel this is such a worthwhile cause I wanted to make sure as many people knew abuot it as possible. I wanted to tell you about an awesome opportunity to help find a cure for Junvenile Diabetes. Brenda Novak does an auction each year in May and there are many wonderful items to bid on. I've included my offering below.

I know some of our other lovely and talented Love Inspired authors have donated items as well so check them out as well.

I'm auctioning off a gift bag. Included in this tote bag is an autographed copy of On Wings of Love, a sterling silver and Marcasite necklace, a candle and candle holder, a heart paperweight, a picture frame, a mirror, a decorative charm, a pen and calendar.

To check out the regualr auction, click here:

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Ausjenny said...

Love the look of the basket and the others and hope it does well.

On a sidenote thanks to all the authors who contributed to the last contest. My box of book arrived today and I am so excited. will be starting on the Lawmans Christmas List as soon as my current book is finished. It was a wonderful surprise today and it arrived so quick considering we had no mail over the recent 5 day weekend for Easter.