Friday, April 22, 2011

True Treasures - Allie Pleiter

Before all else...may the meaning of this Good Friday seep into your soul, reminding you of how dearly loved you are, the unfathomable cost paid for you, and the glory that awaits now that the debt is paid.

This season I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about our endless hunts for treasure.

Treasure hunts don’t get much bigger than the Yukon Gold Rush. Still, it wasn’t something I knew much about until I was invited to write YUKON WEDDING the launch book for the Alaskan Brides series. My concept of Alaska was pretty much limited to “Northern Exposure” episodes (and those weren’t much help for a Yukon historical). Not eager to visit Alaska in winter, I had to confine by research to books, internet, and photos.

Human struggle, however, needs no research farther than our own hearts. Heartbreak is universal. Misunderstanding between men and women is timeless. And love still conquers all, no matter when and where. Sure, the historical details were intriguing. I uncovered stories of women who ventured up the Yukon trail with bravery that astounded me. The dynamic that really pulled me in wasn’t factual or historical, but emotional and spiritual. Mack, my hero, can’t figure out how to be a husband, much less a father to his new two-year-old stepson. He makes as many mistakes as his new wife Lana does in her journey to becoming “Mrs. Treasure Creek.” Much as they try not to, Mack and Lana spend their new close-quarters life hurting each other point-blank.

Ah, but they heal. They don’t discover gold, they discover the precious truth of how perfect they are for each other. And that was more fun to write than any treasure hunt.


Nina's At My House said...

this book looks really good, I would like to read it, lol,

Rachel said...

That sounds so nice. Congrats on your new book. I hope it does well.

Merrillee said...

Allie, do you know what the flowers are on the cover? Sounds like a wonderful story.

Ausjenny said...

I have this book on order well they say the order has been shipped so I guess within 6 weeks it will arrive.
I still have the Dec book from the contemporary series but this looks so good.