Monday, April 18, 2011

Flowers of Our Youth with Janet Tronstad

This is Janet Tronstad and I have been thinking about flowers and especially what says spring around my parent's farm in Montana. This was important because I am just starting another Dry Creek book and I wanted to capture some of that 'ahhh -- spring is finally here' feeling in the title of the book (set to come out next April).

When I was thinking, I remembered the sight and smell of the lilac bushes that bloom on the south side of my parent's house (the very ones my mother planted fifty years ago - and the ones that I could smell through my bedroom window while growing up). When I mentioned these lilacs to a few of my friends, it seemed everyone had some kind of flower from their childhood that made them nostalgic. So the editors and I settled on the title -- "Lilac Wedding in Dry Creek." I love it already! And the editor is going to encourage the art department to go wild with the lilacs (they, of course, make their own decisions, but I am hopeful).

It was only after all of my thinking about flowers that I realized the cover of my latest book (shared with my good friend, Debra Clopton) also has flowers on the cover (yellow daisies, I believe).

All of this made me realize how important flowers are in our memories. And it made me wonder if you have a flower that holds a special place in your heart because of the memories it brings back. Do you? I'd love to know what flower it is and why it's special to you.


Janet Tronstad said...

Patsy -- I haven't thought of honesuckles. Love their scent, too.

Jackie S -- now that you mention it, I'm drawn to a cover with flowers on it, too. Especially in the spring.

Maryrose -- tulips are another favorite of mine! I love the bright yellow ones. Nothing is more cheerful in my opinion!

Nina's At My House said...

My mom had lilac bushes on the south front side of the house, so so sweet and smell was heaven.

Nina's At My House said...

my mom had lilic bushes on the side of the house, smells so so good,

Ausjenny said...

Tulips are spring flowers here I love them and have them in my garden.
Its funny the daffodils and jonquils come up in about july, august which is a bit early for spring.
We had a lilac bush in the last place we lived.
the bluebells flower also.

Janet Tronstad said...

Anonymous -- Yes, yellow roses are special.

Nina's -- it is the smell of lilacs that made them so special to me, too.

Ausjenny -- I forgot about bluebells -- they are spring-like, too.

Merrillee said...

Right now the Jasmine is blooming, and I love that smell. I miss the lilacs that grew up north when we lived there.

Janet Tronstad said...

Merrille, I forgot about Jasmine.

And, Charity, roses are a classic, aren't they? I especially love wild roses.

Nina's At My House said...

Em, forgot about Jamine, these my mom had too, love them.