Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Book and Contest by Lisa Mondello

I'm always excited when I go to Walmart or Barnes and Noble and see my book on the shelf. In a Doctor's Arms hit the bookstore shelves a few days ago. Romantic Times gave it 4 Stars! So I hope that readers start emailing and letting me know how they like the story. Here is the back cover copy to In a Doctor's Arms.
A YOUTH IN NEED - After a tragic car accident, Dr. Dennis Harrington's teenage nephew is traumatized. And Dennis just can't find a way to reach the boy. So when he discovers a respected child psycholigist is staying in their small Vermont town, he turns to Teresa Morales for help. The sadness he sees in her brown eyes tells him she's here to heal her own heart and mind. Yet she finally agrees to work with his nephew. As the boy slowly opens up, so does Teresa. But can Dennis ever convince her she's found a permanent home right here in a doctor's arms?

Until next time, many blessings, Lisa Mondello

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Jaimn said...

I am really enjoying these books more than I thought I would. I am officially getting addicted.
justin underscore autumn at msn dot com.

Anonymous said...

I found the read wonderful and I truly identified with both main characters. The physician's nephew needed love to come out of his shell, just as we need the watering of God's love to open our hearts to his healing. Blessing to all.