Thursday, March 31, 2011

Writing, Music, Writing, Music

Hi from Gail Gaymer Martin at  The difficult thing for a writer is when they also have another time-consuming avocation that they can’t give up. Along with the gift of writing, the Lord gifted me with a singing voice. I studied piano as a child and I sang along with every popular song. I come from a family of singers, even the extended family, and when I was a child and we had a cottage on a lake, we would sit in the evenings with aunts, uncles, cousins and my family and harmonize to wonderful old songs. People on the lake called us, “the singing cottage” because our voices echoed across to the other side. We never had a complaint.

Now music is still part of my life, and while I was working hard on the last book for the Dreams Come True series, I have also been rehearsing most evenings for either the praise team, solo work, handbells and hand chimes as well as for the concert series with the wonderful chorale, Detroit Lutheran Singers In the photo, I’m on the right front, second from the end. The series for the spring season begins next Sunday with two concerts in two different locations and the following Sunday is the same. If you happen to live in the Detroit area, don’t miss us. The concert schedule is on my blog at:

But back to writing, with the proposal for the final book of the Dreams Come True series completed—at this point titled A Dream of His Own —I will continue the story that is set in Royal Oak, Michigan, an interesting small town that is known for its great shops and wonderful restaurants. Outdoor cafes dot the main streets where patrons sit and people watch or listen to musicians who play along the way. If you’re a fan of Love Inspired, then I hope you enjoyed the first in the series, A Dad Of His Own, still available at online bookstores. A Family of Their Own, will be released in September, and the new book will be out in spring 2012.

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And I can’t say goodbye without telling you about the exciting experience of watching a George Clooney movie being made in the city of Clawson not too far away and right down the street from my sister’s house. I couldn’t stay long and only watch a scene being filmed, but she stayed and was able to catch some wonderful photos of the star and director, George Clooney. Not bad, huh?

Enjoy Love Inspired books, and look for A Family Of His Own, 2nd in the Dreams Come True Series, in September.


Ausjenny said...

Wow you must be busy singing at the cottage would be fun and seeing George clonney also would be so cool.
My penpal was in a handbell choir that would be so interesting.
I am already subscribed to your newsletter.

beemama said...

I enjoyed your first book in the series and look forward to the next 2.

I understand your love of music. Music isn't something you do it is a part of who you are the very air you breathe.

How exciting to watch George film.

Gail Gaymer Martin said...

Hi Maryrose, Ausjenny, Jackie S and beemam. I finished the last two concerts today and I'm worn out, but I wanted to thank all of your for your interest in my novels and my newsletter too. Ausjenny - I assume you're from Australia. We had a trip planned there and had to cancel when our son was diagnosed with MS. He's doing well know and one day well come there for sure. I enjoy singing in my choir so much. It's a joy to sing in such a fine group. Two concerts in one day though is so tiring. They're at two different venues to it means traveling from one location to another between the concerts and they're never close. : ) Thanks for your comments. I love to meet readers. Blessings.