Thursday, March 17, 2011

Murder at Granite Falls

I've been adding to my Big Sky Secrets series for Love Inspired Suspense this year...with Murder at Granite Falls coming out the beginning of April (in just a few weeks!) followed by the the fifth in the series, Duty to Protect, in December.  Though my books have been set in many different parts of the USA, I keep coming back to the West--Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Texas.  I love the grandeur of the Rockies and the wide open spaces of cattle country!

But even as I write these words, my thoughts and prayers keep winging back to the people of Japan.  I can't even begin to imagine the destruction and the horrific loss of life there, even though the TV, newspaper and Internet provide constant updates.
We were in Hawaii when the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan.  All through the night, loudspeakers blared throughout our beachfront hotel, warning but also reassuring the guests....and in the middle of the night, the first three floors of the resort were evacuated to shelters at the local high schools.  As I was moving our rental car to higher ground, I saw a steady stream of families with fearful children trudging out to shuttle buses, clutching pillows.  The tsunami didn't affect the coastline where we were, so we were fortunate.   But Japan has faced such a tragedy, I can hardly comprehend it.

What part of the country are you in?  We see tornadoes and blizzards in the upper Midwest.  Have you been through terrible weather situations?  How did you cope?



Unknown said...

The worst thing I've dealt with was an ice storm here in the Northeast.It was a scary situation. I just can not fathom how terrible it is in Japan. They are all in my prayers.

RoxanneRustand said...

I totally agree, Susan.

Sidne said...

the worst weather i've experienced was a snow storm in Indiana leaving a women's ministry workshop. that snow was so bad that headlights had to be put on so that we could see each other on the streets. when you are driving an unfamiliar city, the streets are scary even in the daylight. signs covered with snow, big wheelers pulling over, now you know that scary. i was just devastated to read about Japan, its almost like a never ending story with these events now.