Monday, February 28, 2011

Kids Do the Funniest Things

I have four grandchildren and have such fun with them. What a joy they can bring to a person's life! With that said, I'm not the one who has to clean up the messes they make in the house and with themselves. Once one of them got into the Vaseline and put it all over her hair. Have you ever tried to wash Vaseline out of hair? Not easy. The picture above is of one of my granddaughters trying to figure out how to put her mother's lipstick on. She didn't quite figure it out. I think she got it everywhere but the lips. When I first saw the series of pictures of this escapade, I thought she had gotten into some chocolate. I laughed even harder when I discovered with this pic it was lipstick. What are some funny things you've experienced with kids?


Margaret Daley said...

Rebecca, I've had the same thing with the lotion. They love to do what we do.

Anonymous said...

Bright red lipstick all over my darling's and her best friend's faces. They were trying to help each other. They looked more like clowns than Divas. That's all I can share! :)

Jackie S. said...

When my grandson was about 4, he loved playing Lion King characters. We played it for hours, but I NEVER did the lion roar correctly (according to him!).