Monday, February 7, 2011

Memories: Old Friends

Pamela Tracy here, and, yes, you'll be once again hearing about things I found when I REALLY cleaned my office over Christmas. Let me jog your memory. The last time I chatted about this I chastised myself because I'd kept check stubs from 1979 (first job).Some things I discovered, however, were not so mundane. I found my autograph book from the seventies. I'm having a blast going through it. I've listed some teachers (I remember two). I do remember many of the kids. And, I'm amazed at how personalities come through.For example, Bob Worden wrote on fifteen pages of my autograph album. He wrote the same two words in sprawling, giant letters: PAM WHO?Joleen Staats wrote: I auto this; I auto that; but in this book I autograph.My good friend Robin wrote: You are my best friend, besides Lisa.Marian Ballenger wrote: When you are old and out of shape, remember that girdles are only $2.98.Lynne Eppenbaugh wrote: When you get married and have some twins, don't come to me for safety pins.Every page of my autograph book is filled. As I first cruised through it, my finger touching the faded words and names from my past suddenly shimmering into shapes before me, I realized I miss my friends of old. Yet, what a treat, their words are right here in my autograph book. Courtesy of Linda Farris: Big ships, little ships, they never made a ship like friendship.Did you have an autograph book? What does it say?


Jill W said...

Wow, Pamela. Thanks for sending me on a trip down memory lane. I completely forgot about autograph books. You're so lucky to still have yours. What fun it must be going through it. I enjoy going through my yearbooks every now and again. Have fun!

Jackie S. said...

What fun......enjoyed your post! I do remember those books, but way too long ago to find mine!!