Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Why I like February--Lenora Worth

February is a pretty good month. First, it's not January. It's still cold outside but in February (especially here in the South) we begin to see the first signs of spring. Today I actually went for a walk without having to bundle up so much. The robins are coming into the yard to graze and wander around.

Second, February is Valentine's month and also "Wear Red" time. It makes us remember to nurture our hearts by showing some love and by taking care of ourselves. (And you all know heart disease is the number one killer amongst women--right?)Red is the color of power, but for women it's more about empowerment. We can be strong and self-sufficient but only if we feel good about ourselves, health-wise and heart-wise.

Third, February is also the month we celebrate President's Day. That should remind us of the freedom we enjoy all year long. We've had many leaders who stepped up to try and make our country better. And that does a heart good, no matter your politics.

And finally, I'm really excited about this February because my book "Body of Evidence" is out on the shelves. This is the second in the Texas Ranger Justice continuity series. It's set in Texas (of course)and continues the story that Terri Reed started last month (Daughter of Texas). Our heroes in these books do make a girl's heart go pitter-pat!

So in spite of the chilly weather, February gives me hope that Spring is not too far away. This has been a long cold winter, but we have the hope of spring and Easter. And the one hope that Christ left with us. To love one another. That is something we can do all year long, with open hearts. I hope you had a great Valentine's Day. And I hope you'll continue to read all of the great Love Inspired books out there.

What do you like about February?


Jenna Mindel said...

And February has Groundhog Day! Is there anything more silly or cute than watching Punxsutawney Phil? And this year, according to the groundhog, it's supposed to be an early spring. Wahoooo!

Lenora said...

Thanks, ladies. Yes, Groundhog Day. How could I forget that! Down in Louisiana we wait for the crawfish to start jumping. Then we know it's really spring.

Leann Harris said...

Well, my son loves the month since that's when he decided to be born. He waited until the 3rd. He didn't want to do the groundhog's day thing.

Jackie S. said...

I like February because the winter is getting a little less severe...and we are heading towards Spring!!!

Jillian said...

I like February because it's a short month bringing us that much closer to spring. I don't like being cold. Congrats on the book!

Unknown said...

Sue in MI-Thanks for such a sweet book-Mountain Sanctuary. It's the best read for me in Feb! Found it in a used book store & hope to find more. Keep writing & inspiring,especially helpful in winterbound MI.