Monday, January 10, 2011

We Had a Party!

Hello from Sandra Robbins. It's been quite a hectic weekend in the Robbins family. Our son's daughter turned fourteen, and she had her first boy and girl party. She's pictured here posing with her birthday cake.

I have to say, though, that I was very proud of her. Months ago she announced that she was going to have a big party on her fourteenth birthday and began making plans. She had a notebook that she wrote ideas in and kept lists of all the foods she wanted to serve, the kinds of decorations she wanted to use, and the music that would play during the party. Everything was planned down to the last detail. But what impressed me the most was that she saved her money to help pay the expenses. She saved for months and didn't spend any of the money she'd set aside.

When I took her to pick up the printed invitations she'd ordered, she wouldn't let me pay for them and insisted that's what she'd saved for. She did the same when it was time to buy the candy, chips, soft drinks, decorations, etc. The cake was provided by her aunt who lives in Texas and wanted to be a part of the celebration even though she couldn't be there. Other family members provided assorted finger foods. Her uncle was the resident DJ for the night and provided the music.

Our whole family gathered Saturday night to chaperone and waited for the arrival (or should I say invasion) of between 40 and 50 eighth graders. We never could get an accurate count of how many were there because they wouldn't be still long enough to be counted. But they had a great time and a LOUD one, too. When it was over, one of the girls announced that it "was the coolest party ever."

I was thrilled that the night turned out to me such a success and that her party lived up to the expectations she had. Most of all I was proud of her, though, because she realized she had a responsibility in planning and implementing the kind of party she wanted and didn't expect everyone else to do it for her.

I pray she'll have a wonderful fourteenth year. But the years pass quickly, and soon she'll be grown. I have no idea what she'll face in the future, but I know the one who can give her strength to face whatever comes her way. My prayer is that she and my other grandchildren will place their faith in God and follow where He leads.

What about your children or grandchildren? What do you want for them in the future?


Cheryl Wyatt said...

The cake is beautiful! What a wonderful family.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful party. Sounds like your grandaughter is on teh right track. Maybe she'llbe a wedding/party planner when she grows up. As for my children? I just pray I raise them right to make good decisions as an adult.