Friday, January 28, 2011


Second chances. Another shot at doing something right that we did wrong the first time. An opportunity to make up for something we wish we hadn’t said or done. Unfortunately, as much as we’d like that “do over,” we don’t often have that option.
However in "Second Chance Courtship"--my second Love Inspired set in the rugged mountain country of Canyon Springs, Arizona--big city interior designer Kara Dixon and ex-rodeo cowboy Trey Kenton come face-to-face once again.
A dozen years after their fledgling teenage romance came to an abrupt end, Trey’s looking to settle down but Kara’s returned only long enough to care for her ailing mother. One wants to call Canyon Springs home. The other wants to hit the door running. One hungers for roots. The other wings. Old feelings rekindle, but Kara harbors a secret that can split them apart once more. Both must learn that only by trusting God can their hearts be set free to find a second chance at love.
If you’re looking for a romance to cozy in with on a cold winter’s day, I hope Second Chance Courtship hits the spot! Pour yourself a cup of hot chocolate--top it with a dollop (or three!) of whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon--and settle down for a visit to Canyon Springs!
Then you may want to check out the heartwarming story of Kara’s best friend and her ex-Navy corpsman hero in my award-winning “Dreaming of Home” (Love Inspired October 2009). And in August 2011, we’ll be making another visit to Canyon Springs with “At Home in His Heart” -- where a widowed mom may find a home in the heart of the very man who tried to stop her husband from marrying her!
So, where is YOUR favorite spot to “cozy in” to read during the winter?


Ruth Logan Herne said...

Oh my stars, I am now a resident expert on Second Chance Courtship since I just finished it and LOVED IT.

Wonderful story.

Wonderful poignancy.

Amazing grace!

And Trey.... Oh my goodness gracious, what a hunka, hunka burnin' love that cowboy is!

Yee haw. :)

Great job, Glynna. AGAIN.


Jill W said...

Hi Glynna,
Last weekend I looked for SCC at Walmart, but didn't see it. I'll keep looking. It sounds like my kind of story. I love curling up with a book any place in the house where the winter sun is coming through the window.

Glynna Kaye said...

Thank you, Ruthy! So happy you and Trey "matched up" ! Now doesn't your nexT Love Inspired, REUNITED HEARTS release in March? Can't wait to get started on your Men in Allegany County series!

Glynna Kaye said...

Hi, Jill! Some Walmarts are a little slow stocking the Love Inspired's (although I've heard Second Chance Courtship has been spotted there in Nebraska). And some Walmarts don't carry ALL the LI books each month. But I've had several reports of it already being discovered in grocery stores around the country. Still seems like a DREAM to see a book I wrote on the stands!

Audra Harders said...

Glynna, what a beautiful cover!

I just cracked open SCC and am biting at the bit to get started reading it. After reading Dreaming of Home, I know your characters are great, their emotional highs and lows touch my heart.

And Canyon Springs? I've made reservations to come back and visit as often as I can!

Kav said...

Glynna, I finished Second Chance Courtship this week and LOVED it. Trey really made an impact. :-) I love the way you flesh out a character until they seem real.

My favourite spot to read in the winter? I wish I could say curled up by a roaring fire. Alas, I don't have a fireplace. And I spend a lot of time commuting by public transit so I read the most on the bus. Not my favourite place by any means but it's a lovely way to make the commute time go faster. Now, if I could just perfect page turning while wearing mittens!

Glynna Kaye said...

AUDRA - So happy you enjoyed Dreaming of Home. Hope you enjoy this one just as much! I noticed this morning that BOTH are on Kindle now.

LOVED your January debut release, ROCKY MOUNTAIN HERO! Gorgeous cover, too!

Glynna Kaye said...

KAV -- So happy you enjoyed "Second Chance Courtship!" At heart I'm an in-front-of-the-fireplace reader, too, but I don't have one either. The next best thing is probably someplace NATURALLY warm in the wintertime--like under a palm tree by a pool. :)

Anonymous said...

on my couch covered up with my favorite throw